Build die Insulation is an important factor for saving heating costs, especially in the roof area. Therefore, everyone can imagine how crucial the right insulation is to a skylight. Here we show what to look for.

If you have purchased a finished set of windows and interior trim from a well-known manufacturer, you will usually find information on how the insulation should look indoors. For home improvement, however, it is important how the insulation for a skylight in a self-made panel has to look. Isol Step by step insulating the roof window

Insulation around the new skylight window is often associated with some fumbling. We therefore use strips, narrow boards or thin slats as aids. So you better see where the path goes and sloping places can be isolated.

Insulating material

Vapor barrier

Vapor barrier tape

  • Moldings / thin slats
  • Nails / screws
  • Saw
  • Knife
  • Fence
  • Tacker
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • 1. Attaching the base for cladding
  • The substructure to which the gypsum plaster boards or the wooden cladding are to be attached , must first be cut to size. This Unterlattung must later be exactly correct, otherwise the whole range of clothing later skewed.
  • 2. Cut the vapor barrier

The vapor barrier is cut to size and fixed to one side. Then fill the cavity with insulation and secure it by tacking the vapor barrier. Of course, this is necessary only at the oblique spaces.

3. Seal the vapor barrier

The vapor barrier must now be taped clean at all seams and edges. To do this, use a special adhesive tape with aluminum foil.

4. Fitting the panel

Now you can screw or nail the panel to the battens, as needed.

Tips & TricksIf you have very unusual gaps on your skylight, you can make sausages from the vapor barrier film, the insulation and the appropriate adhesive tape.

These can be inserted into inaccessible joints. Before that, however, a normal insulation should still be attached.

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